About Me

Generation X, Zonian, Texan, gay man, writer, coach, Libran, Austinite, adventurer, pilgrim, and lifelong learner.

IT Consulting

I love what I do for primary income. I’m never bored. And I get to make a difference with clients I love (state government agencies), work with amazingly talented people, and stretch myself regularly.  More details on LinkedIn.

Self-Development as a Hobby

For fun, I put myself into personal growth experiences that expand my capacities and add to my life toolbox. Examples include training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), the Landmark Forum, More to Life, and the Discovery Program.  

And I get much value out of contributing to the growth of others.  One of my current favorites weekends are when I volunteer on a staff team for a weekend men’s transformation experience called the New Warrior Training Adventure.


I love writing. My main creative project right now is a memoir called Camino Calling

Home Life

I live in Austin, Texas, with my husband and our canine pack — Osiris, Ares, and Huck.