The “Tears in the Rain” Monologue In 1982, the science fiction movie Blade Runner came out. I loved it. The setting was 37 years into the future - in 2019 Los Angeles. A dreary, rainy, crowded place with a techno-Asian feel to it. Harrison Ford plays a detective hunting a handful of artificial humans, replicants, who have killed several humans… Continue reading The “Tears in the Rain” Monologue

Father Rutledge

Remembering a conversation I had in the 3rd grade with Father Rutledge at St. Mary's school in Balboa, Panama. Father Rutledge embodied Santa Claus for me - a rotund man, with rosy cheeks, white beard, twinkling eyes and a jolly disposition. I had just completed Confession and received my "four 'Hail Marys' and three 'Our… Continue reading Father Rutledge

Lover, Magician, Warrior, King…some exemplars of mine

I'm reading King, Warrior Magician, Lover:  Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette.  The below are my current models that epitomize the archetypes for me; the people that I think about when I call up the energies of the archetypes: Lover: Ellen Degeneres I love Ellen's ability to connect with people… Continue reading Lover, Magician, Warrior, King…some exemplars of mine