All About Blossom

Blossom Jasmine Nightmusk, 20th/21st century CE. First performance & last performance (she’s in retirement). BIO:  Born in Tallahassee, Blossom performed worldwide as a solo artist and with The Linen Sisters, delivering her signature Street Gutter commando style cabaret act as far away as Sydney (during Gay Games 2002). In the heart of Texas, she twirled… Continue reading All About Blossom

Happy National Coming Out Day (Oct 11)

Happy National Coming Out Day to the international LGBTQ+ tribe and straight allies (yes, allies “come out” whenever they publicly declare themselves to be supporters)! People are more likely to support equality under the law and related human rights if they personally know someone who is impacted. Coming out as one's authentic self is a powerful… Continue reading Happy National Coming Out Day (Oct 11)