Love is Love – #PaulandErinTLA

In a couple days, it will be 19 years since Erin and I went on our first date - a Saturday matinee of The Bourne Identity. And 5 years since our hastily-planned state-sanctioned marriage on the south lawn of the Texas Capitol. In the EARLY morning, before heat. On a Wednesday. And with the sprinklers… Continue reading Love is Love – #PaulandErinTLA

Rainbow Spirituality

Early on, there were times I wasn’t sure being gay was compatible with having a life worth living. But even during those dark times, if someone had offered me a pill to make me straight I would’ve declined it. I clung onto a belief, instilled in grade school at St Mary’s in Balboa, Panamá, that… Continue reading Rainbow Spirituality

Cervantes on Taking a Leap of Faith

This week it is being reported that the lost tomb of Miguel de Cervantes has been discovered in Madrid.  Cervantes, who died in 1616, is considered "the father of the novel."  The news reminded me of a passage from The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha that inspires me to look at my own life as an… Continue reading Cervantes on Taking a Leap of Faith

Roadmap to the Hero’s Journey

What is the name of an adventure you are currently on?  What stage are you in? Joseph Campbell describes the archetypal monomyth of the "Hero's Journey".  The monomyth is a design pattern for human experience.  Understanding this pattern can increase awareness and resources available in one's own adventures.  It also deepens the experience of these… Continue reading Roadmap to the Hero’s Journey