Love is Love – #PaulandErinTLA

In a couple days, it will be 19 years since Erin and I went on our first date – a Saturday matinee of The Bourne Identity.

And 5 years since our hastily-planned state-sanctioned marriage on the south lawn of the Texas Capitol. In the EARLY morning, before heat. On a Wednesday. And with the sprinklers turning on while taking pictures. LOL

But at least we managed to stack the anniversaries on July 20.

In his book about attachment styles, Dr. Gary Salyer talks about the four feelings to create lasting love. The feeling of being…

  • Welcomed with joy
  • Worthy and nourished
  • Cherished and protected
  • Empowered with choice

Throughout these 19 years within the container of our relationship, I’ve experienced these feelings on a regular, ongoing basis. As I reflect, I feel grateful, honored, and present.

Here’s to the heroic adventure called “Love”. And to the endurance of love across the years and in the face of changing circumstances.

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