John McCain, Zonian

John McCain’s Wikipedia entry is already updated to reflect his passing. He was born August, 29, 1936 in the Panama Canal Zone (Coco Solo, on the Atlantic side). So in addition to being an Arizonan, he was a Zonian by birth.

What I appreciated the most about him in recent years was

his courageous pushback on the rabid insanity sweeping through his party. During his presidential campaign, he shut down talk at town hall meetings about Obama not being an American (eg, the birth certificate nonsense). Others of his party were noncommittal and happy to let convenient conspiracy theories run wild. But the truth mattered to the Senator.

He understood that reasonable people can and do disagree on policy responses to the nation’s problems. And these differences don’t mean anything when it comes to patriotism or character.

McCain was a fierce defender of this country. I’ll miss his stance against foreign interference in this nation’s political process. I’ll miss his ability to reach across the aisle for the sake of good governance. I’ll miss his integrity. I’ll miss his courage.

RIP, Senator McCain. I’m proud you were a Zonian.

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