All About Blossom

Blossom Jasmine Nightmusk, 20th/21st century CE. First performance & last performance (she’s in retirement).

BIO:  Born in Tallahassee, Blossom performed worldwide as a solo artist and with The Linen Sisters, delivering her signature Street Gutter commando style cabaret act as far away as Sydney (during Gay Games 2002).

  • In the heart of Texas, she twirled a white feather boa down the middle of Congress Avenue, from the Texas Capitol to 4th street.
  • She crashed a black-tie fundraising event of Ballet Austin at the Driskill hotel (one reviewer noted the “perfect decadence” she brought to the evening).
  • Blossom impersonated a “pink lady” wearing a poodle skirt at a Grease sing-along (Paramount Theatre).
  • The highlight of her career, occurred before noon when she refused the only payment she was ever offered for a performance. Witnesses recall her climbing the stage at Mississippi River Bottom, a dive bar off Bourbon Street in New Orleans’ lower French Quarter. While lip syncing “I don’t care if the sun don’t shine” (playing on a jukebox), a patron approached with a handful of change. Blossom accepted it in cupped hands and then flung it at the patron, showering the audience with coins.

The pressures of performing wore her down. And the Elmer’s glue she used to apply fake eyelashes dried up, leading to her decision to retire.

Although it’s whispered she threatened to come back someday.

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