A Brush with Mortality

I survived my fight on 737 MAX. The planes were grounded by FAA while I was in the air. Not sure what took so long given 2 crashes in five months of brand new aircraft that pilots have been filing complaints about.

I don’t want to be macabre, but I did contemplate my mortality and I felt peace about it. I have no regrets. About anything. Nothing left unsaid. No in-completions in my relationships. Estate planning is all in order. My survivors will survive.

Nobody gets out of this life alive. And if my time was up, I was ok about it. And full of gratitude for my life.

Not that I want to leave! I have more I want to accomplish, to be, to learn, to experience, to contribute, to love. But I recognize the limits of my control. The one thing I can control is my attitude, my interpretations, my beliefs, the meaning I create.

And it’s great to realize the meaning I’ve created so far gives me something of value: peace and gratitude. So thanks, 737 MAX, for getting me home in one piece. And for the opportunity to look my mortality in the face and realize that it’s not something I need to freak out about. Perhaps it’s all the reading on Buddhist philosophy?

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