Thank You, Whoever You Are

To the person who paid for my breakfast:

This morning, I drank my coffee and ate pecan waffles and crispy crispy bacon while shuffling through about 100 pages spread on the table — documents I’d printed out to review and mark up while eating.

A pen, sticky notepad, and highlighters (yellow and pink) rested within hand reach.

I hadn’t showered or shaved yet.

I ate without the taste of food even entering my awareness. On auto-pilot.

When the waiter told me another customer had picked up my tab, it yanked me out of my head and into awareness of life. Awareness of my heart. I wanted to thank you. The waiter said it was anonymous.

I thought about the ways the Universe has had my back throughout life. I thought about how blessed I am.

Thank you, whoever you are, for your gift. I shall allow it to shape my experience today.

And I promise to pay it forward. 🙏🏻❤️

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