Bridge of the Americas

The Bridge of the Americas spans the Panamá Canal on the Pacific side. Ancon Hill, is the green hump rising above on the far side of the canal in this picture.

Casco Antiguo (the colonial quarter) on the upper right, with the Cinta Costera highway curving into the bay of Panamá and encircling this historical heart of the city. The skyline of the modern districts in the background. The jungle on the near side.

Within this shot is my grade school (St Mary’s School), the former campus of Balboa High School, the former Panamá Canal College, Quarry Heights, La Boca, Diablo Heights. Perhaps a slice of Albrook, which used to be an US Air Force station.

Nothing will change the fact that this is the place that served as my first home. My mother likes to say that she’ll always be my mother no matter what – no matter our ages, circumstances, distance.

Similarly, my Motherland will always be the first “home” in my heart. ❤️

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