A Mother’s Love – a Tidbit

On my visit to Panamá last year, I got video of Mom hanging out with me while I ate lunch at the house.

In this clip, Mom shows me her burping technique when I was a baby. She explains how she wanted to have more children, at least one more, but the doctor warned about the risks given her age.

Mom lost her first baby due to a congenital issue. His name was Luis and he underwent several surgeries before losing his life at a little over a year old. He’s buried in San Antonio where Mom and Dad were stationed (Dad was in the Air Force).

Mom went on to have me and my sister.

And she always remembers Luis’s birthday each year.

In this video, Mom encourages me to visit Luis’s gravesite in San Antonio. It felt like she wanted to connect the dots between her children.

After this clip, I went to the bathroom where I shut the door and bawled like a baby. I’m not sure why. I felt deeply moved by mom’s love. And how her first born is still very much alive in her heart.

May you experience many precious moments of love and connection, whether on #mothersday or not. ❤️

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